Chapter 1

Never thought that I should arrive quite so... Well, well, means, it was so necessary not only me. Today at night I leave this house. When will I return?. I do not want even now to think of it. All necessary was already collected even in the afternoon. Yes, I knew what will be quite so. Now it does not intend to listen to someone, will be exactly as itself I will solve. Today, yes, I will leave tonight as soul demands! It is good that I have money on the card, and quite they will be enough for me for the ticket to the next town, and there we will look … Sorry, of course, but me quite bothered is here … I carefully with a small bag on a shoulder left the house. I had to write small pismetso, just in case, that I was not looked for, having thought that was missing.

And so, will read, all will understand, I hope … Ahead of me waits for the new future! Meet me, the storming world!

By the way, I do not want to describe who stayed at home as they concern me and so on. It is not important, absolutely, at the moment. Just this terrible misunderstanding of each other went too far. And it was necessary to me here so sharply to finish it. I did not see other exit, this, most not on there is a best! When reached the central street, hurried to call the taxi. To me more than 20 minutes near new lodges were necessary to stick out. And still such late hour in some windows bright light shone, probably someone does not hurry to go to bed. And as it is good that today Wednesday!

On the street it is not so crowded, not to compare it to the days off, then not the small number of drunk faces from which type just shakes would already meet. No, not from the fact that I am afraid of them, and just just seeing already feels sick. How disgustingly to look at them and to see these abrupt as they think, features. Well, of course, so far your head in a drunk dope, you feel as the full man of courage and how you will sober up, so you grab a golovushka – "that I the poor thing did?".

Chapter 2

The driver with sleepy eyes asked where to bring me and hurried to report that at night they take ten more for journey. I it, of course knew therefore I gave it money at once, and we went to the nearest round-the-clock shop. There just and the ATM nearby, money it was necessary to remove. Ah and, almost forgot that the sim card needs new to be bought, and old for a while to postpone that did not ring the annoying calls.

While we went, I thought that it will be too cruel to take and leave just like that. It is decided that I will not change a sim card, will call, I will tell that left on affairs and I will return soon. More words. Let know that live and with me everything is excellent.

And here before me a show-window of shop.

Not the best and cheap, but, other option was not expected. On a porch in the ATM I removed several thousands and thrust them into a pocket, they still will be useful to me. Other sum let will remain on the card, it will be so safer. In shop bought cigarettes, a bottle of water and went towards the station. Before the first flight it was necessary to wait not for long, about two hours. Exactly I will go to four thirty from here far away.

Sitting on a cool shop at the station square, started up puffs in the dark sky. Here and there stars, only the brightest were looked through, others just disappeared from the sky absolutely. And the large moon which reigned in the sky more than an hour ago just on just was gone behind dense clouds, occasionally proving to be pale hunks.